Beginner’s Guide to Baidu PPC Advertising

New to Baidu PPC advertising? Start here. Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Baidu PPC Advertising and unleash the power of Baidu SEM on your Chinese internet marketing campaigns.

1. Baidu PPC Editor v.s the Web Interface →

2. Download and Install Baidu PPC Editor →

3. Basic Setups of Your Baidu Advertising Account →

4. Keyword Research →

What is Baidu PPC advertising

Baidu PPC Advertising is the official search engine marketing platform of Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine with a market share over 70%.

It works similarly with Google Adwords – you bid on the keywords you want to target, and Baidu only charges you when people click on your ads, which are displayed on the search result pages of Baidu.

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