Baidu Advertising Management

Need help with Baidu search engine marketing management? We will provide ongoing strategy and management of your Baidu paid search campaigns, whether it’s a brand new account or an existing one with legacy campaigns.

Our services include:

1. Initial questionnaire to understand your business
2. Keyword research
3. Campaign and ad group creation
4. Ads content writing
5. Landing page review and optimization
6. Conversion optimization
7. Ongoing campaign review and optimization
8. Data analysis and reports

Service Cost

10% of your monthly campaign budget/spend

For example, if your monthly ad budget is 10,000 USD, our service fee will be 1,000 USD * 10% = 100 USD.

Please note it doesn’t cover your ad spend. If your monthly budget is over 10,000 USD, discounts may be available. Please contact us to confirm.

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